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Integrated Bio-Pharm Who Are We?

Integrated Bio-pharm Limited is a fully incorporated Nigerian company founded by Nigerians but with a flair for marketing products that meet global standards and sustainability.

Our commitment to integrity and effective partnership is uncompromising and it is based on trust backed by hard work. Our strength lies in the specialty, quality of our products, their efficacy, and their positive impact on the health of the citizenry. Standards are not compromised and it is of global recognition.

Our compensation plan is the best and designed to recognize both handwork and integrity. Integrated Bio-Pharm Limited is the only authorized representative of Aloe ferox products in Nigeria. Aloe ferox is commercially times more medicinal produced in South Africa.

Aloe Ferox preparations have 20 more nutritional activities than Aloe Vera and 36% more Amino Acids Aloe ferox plants are grown organically. It has a long history of medicinal uses in traditional culture and has been used by various countries for example China, Japan, etc for millennia and for different health issues

Aloe ferox contains more than 130 medicinal and nutritional elements such as vitamins, organic minerals, trace elements, mono and polysaccharide, and 34 amino acids including 7 of the essential 9.

The antioxidant properties and the role of the Aloe ferox plants in the prevention of various diseases associated with oxidative stress example, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegeneration diseases, diabetes, and hypertension are well known.

Meet Our Team Who Are They?



He is a qualified pharmacist with over 33yrs of experience in the field. A B.Pharm holder, a graduate of the University of Jos, and one of the first pharmacy graduates of the institution.
A member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria(PSN), Chief Superintendent Pharmacist/Director of TOPWIDE PHARMACEUTICAL LTD, and Chief Executive officer of the following companies:


He is an experienced businessman who has been in business for the past 31 years.


Company Secretary

A graduate of law from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu Campus with 29 years of experience in the corporate world. An astute businesswoman and a real estate guru with vast experience in marketing and trading.

The Company What Makes Us?

Our Mission
Our Vision
Our Values

Our strengths lie in the uniqueness and qualities of our products, its efficacy and number of lives it touches.

  1. To improve the quality of healthcare through the distribution and marketing of organic products.
  2. To provide unrivalled entrepreneurial opportunities and empower people to build a legacy of significant changes in their lives and the lives of others.
  1. To achieve a standard of “HEALTH FOR ALL” and “WEALTH FOR ALL” through Multi-Level Marketing.
  1. Continously and unequal distribution of quality herbal products.
  2. To improve live and healthcare.
  3. To shape and build a Century brand.
  4. To create a profitable environment where individuals can achieve their life objectives through hardwork and integrity.
  1. All of our objectives, aims and strategies are geared towards improving belief and trust in our relationships with our partners and of course,in the health ecosystem.
    • Our values are based on embracing corporate responsibilities to:
      1. Market products that improve the standard of life.
      2. Generate income opportunities for our partners.
      3. Support philanthropic activities.
    • Our values are based on zero tolerance and uncompromising commitment to integrity.
    • Our success is dependent upon effective partnering.
    • We recognise,celebrate and reward the successes and achievements of our Integrated Bio-pharm family.
    • We believe in the positive impact of entrepreneurship and strive to open our doors to as many people as possible nationwide.
    • We provide only the highest quality scientifically-based health and beauty products.
    • We value long-term strategies over short term schemes.
    • We value our social responsibility.